About Frolic Inn

Frolic Inn’s owners, John and Kristen Madlinger, are animal lovers and advocates. John’s parents, Helen and John Sr., opened Frolic Inn, formerly known as Vinroc Kennels, in the early 70s. When they first looked at the land in Wildwood, MO (where the kennel resides now), Helen worried out loud whether it would be a good spot to start their business. It was in the middle of nowhere, and rocks and vines covered the area (hence the name Vinroc). When Vinroc opened, the kennel offered just two services: boarding and grooming. In February 2007, the business was passed to John and his wife, Kristen. Since then, not only has Vinroc Kennels changed its name to Frolic Inn, but also John and Kristen have updated the pet quarters, added daycare services, built trails through the surrounding 40 acres for walking the dogs, created a dog park for play time, and designed a garden where dogs can relax and bask in the warmth of the sun. Although the name has changed, the kennel’s values have not. John and Kristen are committed to morality in all areas of their lives, especially in tending the pets entrusted to their care; environmental responsibility; and dogs first, people second. In addition to managing Frolic Inn and caring for their young family, John and Kristen rescue animals and help them find homes.

For more information, please feel free to contact John or Kristen at (636) 458-3090.

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